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Electrodes for high-alloyed steels welding
Electrode type Standard designation according to
EN 1600
ANSI/AWS A5.4-92
DIN 8556
BS 2926
NFA 81-343
Base materials
EL E 29.9 E 29 9 R 32
E 312(mod.)
High-strength, alloy heat treatable steels, armour plate, austenic manganese stells, tool steels
Austenitic-ferritic rutile coated electrode which is deposit with high ferrite content and good cracking resistance, recommended for problemmaterials, joining of dissimilar steels, tough buffer layers in hardfacing.
By virtue of good mechanical properties and work hardenability, can be recommended for wear resistant buildups on couplings, gear teeth, and shafts etc.
EL E 22.12.3 R Fe -
Steels: stainless Cr and CrNi steels, steels of poor weldability, for between layers in weld claddings on sheet and plate and for buffer layers in hardfacing jobs.
Excellent anti-friction properties and conveyability.
Deposits are especially resistant to forming cracks and pores.